I believe in you


The first thing you do is warn me. You warn me that you're not photogenic, that you have stretch marks, that you have wrinkles, that you're awkward in front of the camera, that you don't know what to do. You warn me you're too fat, too thin, too this, too that. And you apologize. You apologize to me before I even have a chance to learn what makes your heart beat fast.

But I don't blame you - I think we women are conditioned to measure ourselves to some ridiculous ever-changing standard and then deal with the ways we ourselves don't measure up. And I know that the thought, "I'm too __________ to be photographed" usually means, "I'm not worthy." 

You, reader. (Hello - we may not have met but I do hope to meet you someday!) Today is November 9. And before I attempt to dazzle you with holiday promotions and beautiful pictures and captivating phrases, I want to tell you that I believe in you. I believe in my own ability to create the best portrait you've ever seen of yourself, and I believe that you can show up for it and yes - actually be in awe of yourself. Why do I believe this? Because I think women are incredible. We are strong, vulnerable, passionate, gritty, delicate, caring, loving, supportive, and selfless. And I believe in your ability to show up for yourself. Facing a camera can be terrifying but when you embrace that space it can be life-changing. (I've seen it.) Because the truth is, in those dazzling holiday promotion photos the women pictured are just like you. They're just like me. 

Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day grind of work, routine, emails, and details that I forget about the bravery required of my clients. I can forget that they are insecure like I am. They're tired and busy, they've rearranged schedules and set up childcare and gone shopping in preparation for their photo shoot. They've pushed past the last minute urge to cancel because of nerves, and they've shown up. Ready, open, willing to give themselves a chance and see if they CAN indeed stand in front of a camera and then be happy with the result.

A client called me this week. She had cancelled her shoot this summer and wanted to get in before the end of the year. I won't soon forget the peace with which she said these words, "You know, I did a diet and tried to lose weight first but that didn't happen. And I thought, well, this is just me and I'm going to be okay with it." 

You are good enough now. You are worthy. And if you give yourself the chance to believe that, I think you might just see yourself differently.


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