Last year Jordan and I were helping his Grandparents clean out their shed. (There isn't much I won't do if there's a chance I'll score vintage Christmas decor.) And as we pulled out boxes and heirlooms and wreaths coated in loving spiderwebs and decades of dust, I noticed a broken picture frame behind one of the shelves. It had fallen to the ground, broken, and been forgotten. I drew it out carefully and as the pane of glass slid off I gasped. I turned the 20" frame around to show Grandma and asked her who it was.

She stopped, "That's my mother."

And then I stared at the portrait. Black and white, her smile, her humble jewelry, her simple dress, and the movie star lighting the photographer bathed her in. I had never seen her before, but I'd heard stories. I looked over at the woman she raised - the woman who is so very precious to me and to so many others. I thought, this is the woman who gave birth to one of my favorite people in the world. And that woman gave birth to a son, and her son created the love of my life. And I stared at the portrait. 

Do you ever try to "zoom out" of your life? Like, do you ever just back up from the everyday to-do lists and commitments and obligations and stand in awe at all you have? Do you ever try to just see yourself? 

And the ones who love you - even the ones you haven't met yet, or may not ever meet - will ache for photographs of you someday. 

Friend, what will they find?

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