The First Time

"The pencil is sharp enough to say what needs to be said." -Tanya Geisler

The first time I did makeup for a client, I had never used false eyelashes before. I didn't mention that - I just put them on her.

The first time I photographed a woman much older than me, I felt intimidated. I worried she'd think I was too young and not take me seriously, but I never told her that. I just used my knowledge and directed her and made her feel special.

The first time I filed for a business license I googled "how to get a business license." After half an hour of reading and feeling like I understood how, I realized I was reading information for Ohio. I felt ridiculous. So I googled "how to get a business license in Missouri." I followed the directions, and I got the license.

The first time I went to a networking event I sat in the car for half an hour and talked myself out of driving back home. I rehearsed conversation topics and double and triple checked my business card stock in my purse. I finally walked in, terrified. But I smiled and met a few people and had a good time. I booked future clients and met future friends.

The first time I won an award for a portrait, I had created a portrait that I had felt in my heart. I saw a stranger one day at church, and her beauty inspired me. I eventually just asked if I could photograph her, and I photographed her with the vision I'd seen in my mind's eye. I didn't have a studio - just a duplex - and I had to move the kitchen table and photograph her in the living room. I poured my heart into it, didn't question my abilities, and in the end it was a success.

I say all this because I know some of you out there are dreaming big dreams and then telling yourself why you can't achieve them. I did it for a long time. I still do it. Maybe you've told yourself no for so long, you don't even remember what you once dreamed of.

I have my dream job and so much of that achievement is simply showing up and then getting back up when I fall. Do I feel ready? Rarely. Do I feel prepared? Never. But I show up and I do my best.

You're right - you're not perfect. And what you have to say/write/create probably has, in some way, "been done before." But not the way you can do it. Because YOU are the only you there ever has been (or ever will be).


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