Extraordinarily Normal


When we photographed Aaron and Shelby's engagement on New Year's Day in London, every detail worked out beautifully. And the night before, when he proposed underneath an umbrella of NYE fireworks, those details fell into place too.

Since we've returned and shared some of their portraits, I've gotten some comments (both on social media and in person) that I would like to address. They're all positive and complimentary of course, but people keep assuming Aaron and Shelby always look and act this way - several even assumed the two are actual models. But they aren't! Like all of our clients, these are "normal people." (I say that with quotes because I believe the most profound beauty is found in the normal, the everyday, the ordinary.)

The reason I am writing on this today is the same reason I post before and after photos. If I didn't, people would assume that everyone I photograph feels naturally confident in front of the camera, knows how to style themselves and an entire photoshoot, and is excellent at hair and makeup. The thing is, I specialize in photographing everyday people who want to have an amazing experience. I do styling consultations, have helpful guides, provide hair and makeup artists, and then give complete posing direction.

I photograph ordinary people, and that's what I love to do. Nothing inspires me more than a client who walks into my studio for her consultation, immediately apologizes for her lack of makeup/cute clothes, and warns me that she's going to be my least photogenic client yet. Why? Because while she's telling me this I'm noticing the life in her eyes. I'm noticing her beautiful smile and imagining how an olive green gown is going to make her eyes pop.

When Aaron first began planning this dream shoot in the fall, Shelby was a bit nervous. She's a middle school math teacher who normally isn't into makeup or fashion at all. "It doesn't mean I don't want to dress up or go out of my comfort zone," she told me during our first phone call, "It just means I need help." From Macy's dressing room "how about this one?" texts, to Pinterest inspiration boards, to LOTS of online shopping, Jordan and I helped Shelby and Aaron plan and style everything.

The results were stunning. The most important ingredient in this photoshoot was their joy, and it shines through every portrait. I'm so thankful for Aaron and Shelby, and for every insecure (normal) person who trusts me to photograph them. Thank you for letting me help you show the world who you are.