Mother Daughter Legacy

Missy and her husband wanted a portrait of their two daughters, and while we sat down to plan this portrait, Missy decided she and her mom should be photographed too. "I don't think my mom would want to be photographed, though," I remember her telling me. 

And so I told her what I tell every woman who assumes her mother won't like to be photographed, "Tell her that if she won't do it for her, it will be a gift to her family. Then she'll do it!" And of course, like every mother or grandmother or sister or daughter, she happily agreed to join the photo shoot for both individual and group portraits. (The lesson here in case you missed it: We often assume the worst of the people closest to us - we assume they'll refuse to be photographed - but know that if there's something truly important to you, it never hurts to ask a loved one if they'll come along. Nine times out of ten, they will be thrilled to.)

"Spending the day with my mom and girls was absolutely precious to me. Playing dress up and seeing them look and feel so beautiful was one of the greatest things we could have done together. Mitzi made everyone feel comfortable and confident and it shows in all of our portraits. I am so thankful to have these memories and photos as a reminder of this day! Thank you so much Mitzi!!!" - Missy 

We had such a fun Girls Day with these four, complete with hair and makeup, mimosas, and lots of dress up. One of my favorite things that happens during a Girls Day photo shoot is when someone tries on a gown from our wardrobe and nervously shows everyone to see what they think, but is greeted with whistles and "Yes!!" and "That's so perfect on you!" We women are often much more encouraging to others than we are to ourselves :)

Someday, when Libby (the youngest) is in her seventies, she'll have these portraits to show her own children. And until then each of these women will have a beautiful memory of a day that celebrated not just each of them individually, but the love and laughter they share together as a family.

Who do you want to be photographed with? Let me know here and I'll send you our Portrait Guide so you can start planning!

I hope you enjoy and are inspired by these portraits from Missy's Girls Day!