From Girl to Woman

For Emma's 15th birthday, her parents decided to give her a Luxe Portrait session, and her mom Whitney joined in. Here's what she said about the experience:

"I love, loved watching my daughter light up while she got her hair and make-up done. It was obvious she felt special and pretty. When you are 15 there are so many comparisons to others and a lot of insecurity about who you are becoming. Having this time to just relax and be pampered meant so much to her. Not to mention how much she and I loved her portraits! As a mom watching my teenage daughter navigate a time that can be challenging and awkward, it was such a pleasure to give her an experience that made her feel pampered and beautiful. I love that I have these portraits to remember her sweet transition from girl to woman. And I especially loved that I was able to join in and share this experience with her! As mothers, I believe it is our role to show our daughters acceptance of our own flaws and how we can own our beauty even when it is not perfection in the eyes of the world. Plus, we just had giggly fun with all the sparkly dresses!" -Whitney Scott

I love the "in-between" years. We have classic child photography milestones like newborn and toddler, but it's so easy to forget about or put off portraits until senior year in high school. Early teenage years are such an important time (imagine if you'd been able to see yourself as beautiful and celebrate who you were during those tumultuous years!) We had such a fun day watching these two and playing dress up. Whitney's right: Moms set the example for their daughters. (And I have to mention, since Whitney is a professional portrait photographer, that she really stepped up to the plate and practiced what she preaches! It's easy for moms to hide behind the camera - and man, I'm glad Whitney decided to get in front of it this time.) 

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